What is logs(4.7)+logs 2 written as a single log?HPO logg21o log5 26o logg30o log 56

Accepted Solution

ANSWER[tex]log_{s}(56)[/tex]EXPLANATIONThe given logarithmic expression is:[tex] log_{s}(4 \times 7) + log_{s}(2) [/tex]Recall and use the product rule of logarithm[tex] log_{a}(b) + log_{a}(c) = log_{s}(bc) [/tex]We apply this rule to obtain,[tex]log_{s}(4 \times 7) + log_{s}(2) = log_{s}(4 \times 7 \times 2) [/tex]We multiply out the argument to get;[tex]log_{s}(4 \times 7) + log_{s}(2) = log_{s}(56) [/tex]The correct answer is [tex]log_{s}(56)[/tex]