A company uses two vans to transportworkers from a free parking lot to theworkplace between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.One van has 14 more seats than theother. The smaller van makes two tripsevery morning while the larger onemakes only one trip. The two vans cantransport 65 people, maximum.How many seats does the larger van have​

Accepted Solution

Answer:31 seatsStep-by-step explanation:Let x be the smaller van, and y be the larger one.We know that y = x + 14We also know that 2x + y = 65If we replace y by its value in the second equation we have:2x + (x + 14) = 65, then we solve2x + x + 14 = 653x + 14 = 653x = 51x = 17We now know the smaller van has 17 seats.To find how many seats are in the big one, we take the first equation:y = x + 14y = 17 + 14y = 31